Customer’s Comments

Here are some pictures we’ve taken the past couple weeks… He is really a character. We have to have lids on our cups now because he feels he has to drink out of one too. It’s a good thing I am always drinking water! Lol, he’s such a good dog. I would not go anywhere else for an English Bulldog but JP Ranch Bulldogs! You have been great to us! I’m so happy to have him and I could never thank you enough for our baby!


Lilly is absolutely beautiful! Her vet wanted to know where we got her because she said she was the prettiest and healthiest bulldog she had ever worked with. You guys rock! She is doing great, Here is her Halloween.


Hi Kelli

Here is a pic of Bugsy (aka Ruger), he is a little tank!! Thank you again for such a loving,happy,smart and healthy puppy. He is spoiled and loved very much, we will definitely be getting another puppy through you.



We wanted to let you know just how much we love our little bulldog, Lucy! She is ten months now and has the sweetest personality. We definitely made the perfect choice going with JP Ranch for our first English bulldog!

Lucy is well-mannered, obedient, friendly, loyal, and very loving. She plays with little kids very well. We never have to worry about her getting into trouble, she is such a good dog. We also know she’ll make the perfect family dog as we start having kids of our own. She is also becoming quite the guard dog! Lucy lets us know if anyone is near our apartment, and she “stands guard” on the porch all afternoon. Lucy has spent time with other dogs (overnight at other people’s homes, at friend’s homes, and with neighborhood dogs), and she gets along perfectly with almost every dog she’s met and played with.

Overall, we would highly recommend you guys to anyone interested in English bullies! You can tell that you breed for healthy dogs with personable qualities. We are very pleased with our Lucy! Thank you for always being available for any questions we’ve had over the past year as well.

Geoff & Rachel

Hey Kelli!
Just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy! Rhino ( we re named him!) is doing so well and hasn’t had an upset tummy or anything. His personality is really starting to show and we love him more every day! He is silly, fun, playful, and SO sweet!
He does great in the crate and going outside to potty, you have helped make the transition into our home so smooth!


Kelli wanted to show you how big precious is and how spoiled…. she is totally rotten… she is in my lap when I sit down and loves the belly rubs…first vet check she was 5.1 pounds, Tuesday we went she was 8.9 wow she is growing so much looking long legged and big head right now lol thank you so much for sharing with me such a treasure

Kelli……….I love you 🙂 thanks so much for the sweetest, cutest, most adorable english bulldog puppy ever 🙂 I love her so much all ready……….she will go everywhere with me. And shes got all the great love from your heart put into her.I know a piece of you goes out with each puppy:-) your one in a million when it comes to breeders, you put your whole heart and soul into each puppy. That’s why your babies are so sweet, have a great night and thanks for the pic…… made my day 🙂picture1



Many thanks to JP Ranch Bulldogs Jeff and Kelli! We love our new English Bulldogs, Grace and Snow, and couldn’t be happier. They came to us healthy and happy with all the official AKC paperwork. There were never any problems encountered with receiving and registering them. I would highly recommend buying from Jeff and Kelli!

The Masalin Family

Hi Kelli,

Just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing puppy! We love Stella SO much! A physician that I work with just got two frenchies the same age as Stella so she has some playmates her own size now! I might be slightly biased, but she is definitely the cutest of the bunch! Her personality is amazing; she’s such a lover and sweetheart, but definitely enjoys playtime! Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to my family, she’s my baby!

I hope you are doing well! My name is Kate Hoopes, my husband Ryan and I purchased are puppy from you in September of 2012. We absolutely love him. He has the best personality and makes us laugh each day. We just purchased a home so he will officially have a backyard to run in (however he does have a dog walker who comes twice a day when we are at work…and he LOVES him, so he is not missing out on exercise). I went on your website to look at upcoming the puppies because I would love to get another one when we move in and have a backyard- it made me think of you. Anyways, the main reason for my email was to let you know that Winston is doing well and full of kisses and hugs. I have attached a few pictures (the first one is of him the day we brought him home as I thought it would be hard to remember what he looked like at 9 pounds). He is weighing in at a healthy 65 pounds and he LOVES the VET! We go their just so he can visit and get his nails trimmed every 3 weeks…but we have had to go in for a few other things. 🙂
I will keep trying to get my husband to let me get a second dog!
We referred Mike Montegomery and his Fiancee to you as well! They love their addition too!

Ryan & Kate

Kobe and Mya are soo spoiled! Kobe has to sleep on cool surfaced..when that are becomes warm, he will move! He’s such a ham!!! Took him to the vet for check up Tuesday June 12th, he is a very healthy 9lbs 8 oz…thank you again for the blessing……